How can I buy an Exile Skimboard?

There are numerous ways to buy an Exile skimboard or accessory.  Internet savy customers may purchase from one of our many online retailers.  Or it is always possible to drop by one of the many local retailers who carry Exile.

Of course, we stock a large selection of boards at our shop in San Clemente CA as well as take custom orders.  Please contact us if you have any questions about our inventory or to make a custom order.

Does Exile ship internationally?

Exile regularly ships to destinations around the world.  Shipping prices can be surprisingly economical depending on the destination and local post package size regulations.  Customs can be a bt more tricky, but we have experience shipping to many countries.  Please contact us with any questions or to get an up to date shipping quote.

Additionally, we have distributors in many countries which import boards and sell them directly to the public.  Please see our international page for a list of international distributors which may be able to help you get a brand new exile skimboard at the best possible price.

How do I get my skimboard repaired?

Skimboards get put through the ringer.  Whie we make every effort to balance performance and durability; dings, scratches and other damage are bound to occur.

In general we only recommend board repair when:

  • The fiberglass or carbon fiber is perforated or ripped.  Dents are ordinarily not worth attention.
  • The foam is exposed in any way where water can reach it.

If you have any questions about whether or not your board needs repair, we are available to answer your questions.

If your board does need repair we recommend hiring a professional for all but the most minor jobs.  All structural repairs need to utilize both fiberglass and epoxy (at minimum).  Repair services are available at Exile in San Clemente, CA for a nominal fee.  Additionally, local surf shops often offer repair services.  Make sure and confirm that they are familiar with epoxy board repair, as using a polyester or vinylester resin will only compound your problems...

How can I get sponsored by Exile?

Exile is always looking for new riders who complement and add to our extensive team.  In addition to exceptional skimboarding abilities and accomplishments, personality is an important consideration.  At Exile we pride ourselves on not only having the best team in the world, but also the best group of people in skimboarding representing our product. 

In general, we are pretty on top of who the top up and coming skimboarders are.  Riders typically pop onto our radar through excellent contest results as well as personal referrals.  However, if you feel that perhaps you have slipped through the cracks for whatever reason, feel free to send us a resume and any relevant materials.  While it is very rare, we have on occasion sponsored riders through such methods.

How hard is it to get sponsored by Exile?

Its easy!

...presuming you are one of the best skimboarders in the world with a profesional attitude and get along well with existing team riders.

How do I get traction pads to stick to the textured finish?

Getting traction pads to stick to our textured finish is a synch with a little preparation. The textured deck makes the boards turn out a little lighter and a little stronger than our glossy finish, and is preferred by all of our team riders.

Here are a few steps that should be taken to prepare your textured finished board for pads

First you'll want to get your pads, some sand paper (we recommend something around 80 grit), some paper towels, and something to wipe off the dust such as rubbing alcohol.  Take the sand paper and rough up the area on your board where you want to place your pads for approximately 90 seconds or so.  Once the board is sanded, take just a little bit of the  alcohol and clean off the dust created by sanding with the paper towel. Wait for the wet area to dry, and slap those pads on!  Make sure to press firmly so that the pads stick very well.